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Private Blue Cruise

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Private Blue Cruise

A private yacht charter is privacy. Just you and your family or friends, the people you desire to be with. Private Crewed Yacht Charters in Turkey operated by gulet type charter yachts that offer large decks and comfortable cabins. Unlike the weekly regular shared yacht cabin charters, you are flexible to cruise for an unlimited period - though normally for four days to two weeks.

Private yacht charters give you the chance to explore Turkey at your speed and with perfect relaxation. You can, of course, get in and give a hand with the sails if you desire. You, as hiring a private yacht, have private ownership and use of the charter yacht. Also the main say in your Turkey yacht charter purposes, dependent on weather and tides. Menus, drinks lists and details of Blue cruise itinerary can then also be forwarded to you depending on your yacht charter requirements.

Private Yacht Charter Prices are dependent on the dates you are looking for and, of course, the standard of gulet yacht. Turkey private crewed yacht charters range in price from 300 Euro per day and prove good value when the cost divided amongst a group of 6 or more guests. The standard of gulet yacht ready for your private charter is high with a crew offering the highest levels of safe service while showing the guests the best Boat tour have to give.

The crew consist of 3 (captain, cook and sailor) members or over depending on the size of your charter yacht. Once your Turkish gulet yacht selected, dates are available, and a quote has been given, a deposit is required to secure your Turkey yacht charter reservation.

For any special requests with diet, itinerary or pick up details please inform us and let our team design your Turkey private yacht charter that will suit you. Click below for the private yachts selected for your absolute privacy, independence and comfort during private crewed yacht charter in Turkey: If you would like to live this dream and cannot afford to charter privately an entire yacht, you can still rent a weekly standard shared yacht cabin charter with us.