Daily Antalya Tours

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We will drive to our meeting point after picking up guests and drive to Perga now commonly spells Perge which was the capital city of the Pamphylia region, south western Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Today it is a large site of ancient ruins 15km east of Antalya in the coastal line.

Perge Aspendos Side Tour

Full Day| By Bus
Price:55 €
The Antalya City Tour starts at approximately 10.00. We will visit the old part of Antalya called Kaleici, with the gate of Hadrian, the Clock Tower, Fluted Minaret, Palm Street and the ancient harbor. There are many beautiful old houses in Kaleici.

Antalya City Tour

Full Day | By Bus + foot
Price:55 €
After you picked up from your hotel in Antalya, we depart for Demre, Myra, Kekova tour and travel to Demre to visit the best examples of Lycian tombs at Myra and the Church of St. Nicholas the saint to whom is referred to as Santa Claus.

Kekova Myra Tour

Full Day | By Bus + Boat
Price:70 €
We will climb to Termessos Ancient City and visit The Gymnasium, Ancient Theatre, The Bouleuterion , Odeon, Temples, Cisterns and Rock Tombs. You will have your lunch after these visits in a nice restaurant.

Termessos Tour

Full Day | By Bus
Price:50 €
The combination of these elements attribute to the surreal landscape at Pamukkale as well as its place on the World Heritage list. Long before this listing, the Romans recognised the appeal of the area, building the spa city Hierapolis.

Pamukkale Tour

Full Day | By Bus
Price:70 €
Our pick ups start between 7:30 and 9:30 according to the location of the hotels. The pick up transfer is over at the Antalya Rafting finish point between 10:00 and 10:30.Our clients are equipped at that point with helmets, life jackets and neopren suits [ to protect you against the cold water ] if required.

Rafting Tour

Full Day | By Boat
Price: 35 €
This is an introductory course for scuba diving. You will do your first steps under water in pool like conditions. A dive up to 12m depth follows up to discover the beauties of the under water world of Antalya. After successfully finishing this course, you will be able to do dives for one year under the supervision of a Padi professional.

Diving Tour

Full Day | By Boat
Price:70 €
Kas is an almost perfect location for paragliding, which can be done any time between the months of April and October. The hills behind Kas are uniquely suited for paragliding because of their size and location and the resultant updrafts which make paragliding challenging and so much fun.

Paragliding in Kaş

Half day |Evening | By Paragliding
Price:80 €

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